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Jack and Susan Clagett

“To identify a reliable real estate agent to sell our parents’ North West Hills townhome, we consulted a friend, a highly regarded Austin mortgage banker. He provided one name – Jason Lindenschmidt. To get the best match, we interviewed Jason and others, including one agent who had sold a previous property and with whom we’d had a positive experience. Jason was selected as he appeared the most creative, energetic and resourceful. He was that and more as was revealed over the next 11 months of dealing with a 28-year old property that yielded surprise after surprise. In retrospect, it’s a wonder Jason didn’t fire us!

To the contrary, he stayed the course and dealt with every problem discovered via inspections – an original roof installed improperly, a mature live oak tree and backyard drainage issues threatening the foundation plus multiple lesser issues. Many required skillful negotiations with neighbors worried about effects of repairs on their adjacent properties and the Home Owners Association with rules necessitating approval at several turns. So much work was required to bring the house up to standard that we made a separate agreement with Jason to serve as “contractor” to identify, evaluate, select and oversee upgrades and to represent us with everyone involved in accomplishing the work, including homeowners and the HOA.

Jason was extraordinary – knowledgeable, smart, unflappable, patient, gracious, politically astute and always leading with a keen sense of humor. The day the work was completed, Jason delivered a contract! We could not have anticipated the high level of service and support we needed and that Jason provided with such ease. He is a professional in the fullest and best sense of the word. We are immensely grateful for his many talents and courtesies.”


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